Composting solutions are tailored based upon the size of apartment complexes / institutions and kind of organic waste that is generated.

Orbin Solo Composter

Hassle Free Waste Treatment suitable for Individual houses and small office spaces. Typically the waste consists of vegetable peels, fruit peels, left over food scraps, seeds, shells and bones.

The orbin SOLO's aesthetic and easy to handle design ensures a user-friendly experience. There is no churning, cutting or drying required. It does not require electricity and is weatherproof. It has a capacity of 2 kgs per day, and generates compost within 30 days!

Orbin STAX Composter

World's first ever multi-stage aerated vertical composter to treat large scale / Bulk waste. Designed to offer residential complexes, communities, restaurants & eateries, large office Canteens etc an opportunity to convert organic wet waste into compost that is generated at source.

Orbin Stax functions as a vertical windrow, saving valuable floor space. With a total holding capacity of 800 kg to 1 ton (depending on the kind/density of waste) Orbin STAX can handle 40 kg of waste per day.

For treating large scale waste, multiple such units can be installed either at one location or at distributed locations (to facilitate easy maintenance and operations for housekeeping staff)